Kitchen Services

When you choose to do one of the numerous jobs around the house, you want a company that is local, reliable and offers the best possible solutions. Here at PE Property Services we pride ourselves on offering. There’s no doubt that one of the hardest working rooms in the house is the kitchen. The facilities within this room are used multiple times every day and these are the spaces that age the quickest. When the time comes to have the work done, it can cause massive disruption to the house so the priority for us is working on these areas with speed.

Here at PE Property Services we believe in combining speed with efficiency and quality of service.  We understand how important kitchens are to our customers and how work done on them needs to be quick but also to the highest standard. We are happy to take on jobs of all sizes from replacing a few cupboard doors to completely refitting the kitchen.

Our qualifications and experience mean we can easily undertake all the main jobs around a kitchen. We can even help with the design process if required, meaning all you need to do is tell us about your vision for the room and we can assist in making that a reality.

Our services also include those times when something goes wrong and there is an accident or breakdown. When something doesn’t work as it should, we can come out to help deal with the problem. Whether this is a broken cupboard, a cracked sink or a flooded room, we are there when you need us.